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We are very proud of our system and would be very happy to talk to you about it and even arrange a demo. To contact us please use the contact information to the left. Alternatively...

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Auction costs are kept simple. Payment is in UK Sterling although we run the service globally.

Package 1 - £950 (Trade and Charity discount to £650)

This includes all the bids. Remember no software is required, you just need a laptop and an internet connection and somewhere to display it. You'll need to enter the information in the lead up to the auction and run the tech during your auction (90% of our returning customers use this option). For this option please ring or alternatively you can pay via PayPal.

Package 2 - £1250

This includes everything you need on auction day. A technician will run the silent auction for you and plug into your AV system with our kit. An internet connection is preferred but we can bring dongles. You'll need to enter the information leading up to the day of the auction, but we'll take over from there.

Package 3 - £1300 +

We'll handle the whole silent auction. You send us the lot information and we'll enter it into the system. We can also provide all the display equipment and run the entire AV for the event if required.

Smartphone Payments - £150 + charges

For an additional payment we can handle the payments for you. At the end of the auction users are given the option to pay via Paypal account or card (using Paypal's portal), you receive confirmation that the money has been received through the control panel and can release the Lot. Paypal percentage costs are passed on at cost (around 3.4% + 20p). Payment is made up to 30 days after the auction. Lower commission and quicker payment is available in some cases

All prices Exclude Taxes

To book simply phone us on +44 (0) 1763 87 80 86 or email us at

Reseller Opportunities

We are currently looking for resellers across the globe to spearhead our products. Please get in contact if you are interested.