How Does it work ?

All the complicated text messaging is handled off site at our dedicated data centers.  All the tech needs to do is login to our secure website with two laptops.  One acts as a display machine, showing the current bids and time left and the other is a control machine.  The control machine allows the onsite silent auction team to add and remove Lot information and pictures as well as place local bids (from a more traditional silent auction table), although this can be performed from a 3rd machine if the tech is not in a position to perform this.

The display machines connects to your switcher and automatically updates as bids are placed and can scroll over multiple pages.  The display can be customised with logos, sponsor slides and colour schemes outputting in full screen.  The control machine also has an emergency display button, should the main laptop fail, hit this button and the control machine instantly becomes a backup display machine.

A summary screen of all the Lots can also be show on other screens to give everybody a clear picture of the Lot status.

Payment is processed at the end of the auction. Winning bidders are sent a unique link where they can be told where to collect the Lot and how to pay. We can even send a link to pay directly into your PayPal account.